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JCAA / Japan Power Cable Accessories Association

Power cable accessories play an important role as an one of the main basic material in electric power transmission and distribution. Therefore, JCAA was established in 1975 as the only such national organization. Since then, JCAA has been involved in a wide variety of activities including organizational enrichment.
In 1990, JCAA was reorganized as a juridical corporation with the support of many governmental offices, electric power utilities and the organizations concerned, and has continually contributed to industrial development.
In the face of challenging social environment changes, we have recently made greater effort to improve even further the reliability of power cable accessories. At the same time, we have also made great progress in overseas activities.
We will provide our best services to society and we appreciate your kind advice and
continual support.

This Association will try to contribute to the society by developing power cable accessory technology and electricity supply reliability.
(1) Product standardizing and recognition
(2) Upkeep and improving installation skill
(3) Exchange with foreign countries, Overseas Cable Accessories technical guidance
(4) Technological development and research, investigation
(5) Popularization technology and skill (Technological lecture meeting, etc.)
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